About Us

TwinOxide® is a company based on the concept of total water disinfection. We are the sole distributor for the United States and Canada, based out of Merritt Island, Florida with another office in Superior, 
Colorado. TwinOxide® combines a unique two powder product, making 99.9% pure Chlorine Dioxide on site. CEO Donald Lenci founded the USA based company in 2015, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge in water disinfection and technology.  Colorado-based operations are lead by Grady Eastman and Dr Joe Nieusma, whose combined experience of consulting, problem solving and customer service top 50 years. TwinOxide® provides safe water disinfection with a superior yield and performance without the disadvantages of traditional applications of Chlorine or stabilized Chlorine Dioxide. It’s our main priority to bring this new high-tech product to as many water applications as possible, to provide a safe, environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to disinfected water.